Archives matter to everyone – they are our collective memory which records our past objectives and achievements. They make access to our collective history possible, support good governance and inform policy development.

A process has been implemented to set up and maintain, on a continuous basis, all of the archive material of the Company, in association with the Clerk. All physical media (bound books, newsletters, paper copies of documents etc etc) have been electronically scanned into PDF and MS Word formats and are now stored digitally (on DVD/CD-ROM) so the History of the Company is safely stored and preserved.

Existing electronic copies of our History eg Minutes of meetings, are also stored electronically in the Archive.

The conversion of all our archive information to electronic formats was undertaken by the Company and its service partner SDS Heritage in 2011 and 2012.

SDS Heritage specialises in digitally converting publications, reports, minutes, journals, photographs, historic books, and general archives of associations, institutions, organisations, clubs and individual establishments (both private and commercial) onto CD-ROM, DVD and the Internet.

In addition the Company has engaged SDS Heritage to provide a systems solution to the storage of our Archive in a comprehensive database which enables our history to be accessed, retrieved, searched, analysed and reproduced via an Archive website which can be accessed via the main Company website.

This on-going process now protects and future-proofs our precious history against potential loss, damage and fire.